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The Spectra laser treatment is a skin resurfacing procedure also known as the “Hollywood peel” or the “Spectra laser peel” because it yields similar results to a chemical peel. However, it does so with a safer, more controlled outcome, and without the potential risk or adverse reactions that often accompany harsh chemicals peels. This top of the line technology (pronounced Spectra laser), is the ideal solution for individuals struggling with years of sun damage, acne scarring, aging, and many other cosmetic concerns. At Dr. U Skin Clinic, your Spectra laser procedure will unveil the more beautiful and youthful skin you desire.


Ideal Candidates for Spectra Laser Treatment

Spectra levels out uneven texture, smooths blotchy skin tone, and tightens slightly sagging tissue for any prospective candidate with:


During your consultation you will discuss if you are a good candidate for the laser spectra.

During your consultation you will discuss if you are a good candidate for the laser spectra.

Laser Spectra is Among the Best for Darker Skin Tones

Many lasers are inadvisable for use on people with darker skin tones, due to the heat energy being absorbed by highly active melanocyte cells. However, if you have a medium to dark complexion and are seeking a chemical peel via laser, Spectra is a safe treatment. This is because Spectra’s light technology makes it resistant to melanin absorption anywhere outside the treated tissue. For this reason, spectra laser is applicable in all skin types and all skin tones. In southern California where most people get a skin tan, this is crucial.


How Spectra Laser Treatment Works

This powerful, state of the art technology uses a non ablative method to send quick pulses of light straight into the skin. Its highly advanced Q-switch modality enables Dr. Umar to use a 1064nm, 532nm, 585nm, or 650nm wavelength setting, making the treatment highly customizable, controllable, and safe for the patient. This is why Spectra laser treatment is a good asset in a wide range of skin damage, and resurface both texture and pigmentation gently, quickly, and effectively.


Spectra’s heat energy is absorbed by the humidity in the air, which would dissipate the light. In order to keep this from happening, Dr. Umar applies a carbon-based lotion, to the treatment area prior to your procedure. This helps to focus the laser energy so it is absorbed by the skin only. As the carbon based lotion works synergistically with Spectra’s pulses of light, tiny explosions occur on the skin’s surface. These miniature explosions dissolve or “burn away” years of unwanted damage to resurfaces is in the process.

How Spectra laser treatment clears up active acne: Spectra levels out acne bumps by targeting sebaceous glands.

How Spectra laser treatment clears up active acne: Spectra levels out acne bumps by targeting sebaceous glands.



What Results Can Be Expected with the Spectra Laser

Once the damage to your top layers of skin is removed, new collagen cells begin to grow, which renew the outer appearance of the skin while also fortifying the dermal tissue on a deeper level. Tighter and more even skin is the final result.  

As the laser light energy of Spectra levels out uneven texture and pigment, it also helps mitigate acne. The peeling process works not only on the surface of the skin, but also on the outer layer of the sebaceous glands. The sebaceous glands are responsible for producing oil, which can clog pores. So, a Spectra laser treatment will unclog blocked pores and create less oily skin.

The benefits of Spectra laser include:


  • More even, less bumpy skin texture
  • Fine lines and wrinkles smoothed
  • Active acne cleared up
  • Acne scarring and other scars reduced
  • Blotchy pigment and skin tone evened out
  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • A youthful “glowing” look
  • Unwanted tattoo ink removed or dramatically faded


The Spectra Laser Peel Procedure by Dr. Umar in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles

Pain Management

Due to the non ablative, gentle nature of Spectra technology, you will experience nominal to no pain. At most, you will feel a hot sensation on your skin, along with a mild prickling feeling. Topical anesthesia is not generally applied with this treatment.

Length of the Session

Dr. Umar will first apply a carbon based lotion to the entire treatment area before starting the Spectra laser treatment. He will then move the laser slowly across the areas where skin resurfacing is desired. The entire process should take no longer than 15-20 minutes.

Post-Treatment Recovery

Part of the beauty of Spectra is that you can immediately resume your normal activities post-procedure. With lasers that target cosmetic issues requiring more aggressive treatment, there can be weeks of downtime. Spectra typically requires no downtime or recovery. If skin appears red afterward, this should subside within a few hours.

At most, and only in rare cases, patients may experience visible redness, mild swelling, slight bruising, and itching at the treatment site. If this is the case for you, icing the area will speed up the recovery process.

Following your session, it is recommended to apply an SPF 30 or above when exposed to direct sunlight, and to wear a hat or other protective clothing whenever possible. Aside from having a skin resurfacing procedure, it is always wise to use sun protection as general skin care and anti-aging practice.

How Much Time is Needed Between Spectra Sessions

Many patients see improvement in just one or two sessions. Your skin will need approximately two weeks to fully heal and recover before your next session.


Spectra Levels Out Texture and Pigment Almost Anywhere on the Body

Dr. Umar can perform the Spectra laser peel on almost any region of the body where skin resurfacing is desired. The most commonly indicated areas for this treatment are:

  • Face
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Backs of the hands


Dr. U Skin Clinic Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles: Spectra Laser Before and After Photos

The patient below struggled with years of sun damage to her skin. This resulted in age spots, fine lines and wrinkles, chapped or dry looking skin, and a blotchy overall appearance. Her results are from one treatment using the Spectra peel, in combination with one Fraxel Dual session; the difference is remarkable. Family and friends have noticed the improvement, and even strangers have complimented her on her glowing and youthful skin.

The spectra lazer (laser) results after a single session are already showing incredible improvement.*

The spectra lazer (laser) results after a single session are already showing incredible improvement.*


Spectra laser before and after only one session results in dramatic improvement.*

Spectra laser before and after only one session results in dramatic improvement.*

Full Video of Spectra Laser Patient

Video: Skin Resurfacing By Fraxel Dual Laser Treatment for Age Spots In Manhattan Beach Los Angles Dr U Skin Clinic

Contact Dr. U Skin Clinic for a Free Consultation on Spectra Laser Treatment

To attain tight, smooth, glowing skin, despite textural or pigmentation concerns, get in touch with Dr. U Skin Clinic to schedule your complimentary consultation–no commitment required. Dr. Umar will talk to you about your specific cosmetic needs and desires to plan your best course of treatment.


FAQs for Spectra Laser in Manhattan Beach Los Angeles

How quickly can I expect to see results with Spectra laser?

Many patients see results a couple of weeks after their first session with Spectra. Depending on the severity of your cosmetic issue, it may take up to three sessions to see optimal improvement. This would require a period of time spanning approximately eight weeks.


How do I prepare for my Spectra peel session?

Protect your skin from the sun and avoid tanning for as long as two weeks before your session. Arrive at the clinic with a clean, makeup-free face.

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