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Hair loss can deal a devastating blow to self-esteem at any age. The patient profiled here had undergone traditional hair transplant surgery, with unsatisfying results. As a result, not only did he have obvious hair loss, but the patient also had an abnormal hairline. Dr. Umar recommended advanced FUE through the Dr.UGraft procedure. Thanks to the groundbreaking procedure, this patient had his receding hairline and crown restored with 2300 grafts.

FUE Repair of Transplant Results For New and Improved Hairline and Temples -1800 uGrafts

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Receding Hairline and Crown Restored – Before Photos:

Dr. Umar performed a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s hair, determining thickness and counseled the patient on desired results. The patient’s hair loss had become most pronounced at the hairline and temples, as well as at the crown of the head.

With the Dr.UGraft, Dr. Umar matches body hair to head hair by thickness and coarseness as well as other factors. He rebuilds a hairline using varied hair donor sources to create a totally natural look.

Receding hairline and crown - Before Dr.UGraft Restoration

The patient had unsatisfying results from other surgeries prior to the Dr.UGraft FUE


Receding hairline and crown - Before Advanced FUE

Despite other surgeries, the patient still had an irregular hairline.

Before Advanced FUE Used to Restore Hairline and Temples

Receding hairline and crown Restored with 2300 grafts Using Dr.UGraft: Before his Dr.UGraft procedure, the patient had irregular temples.

Receding hairline and crown before and after Dr.UGraft Restoration with 2300 grafts

A significant contrast before and after surgery with the Dr.UGraft*


The Solution  – Crown Baldness Restoration using Dr.UGraft FUE In A Los Angeles Man – Before and After Photos: 

Dr. Umar opted to restore the hairline first. He decided to transplant 1300 Dr.UGrafts from other regions of the head. In addition, Dr. Umar also transplanted hair from the nape of the neck. The 1300 grafts reworked the hairline and temples, creating a new, thick front hairline. Dr. Umar then used an additional 500 grafts to thicken hair on the crown of the head. 

As with most cases of the Dr.UGraft surgery, the patient’s wounds from the procedure healed in under a month. Hair growth began shortly thereafter. The procedure left no long-term trace, and the patient does not have any visible scarring from the Dr.UGraft. 

Crown Baldness Restoration using Dr.UGraft FUE In A Los Angeles Man

Receding hairline and crown before and after Dr.UGraft Restoration with 2300 grafts*

Before and After Advanced FUE with Dr.UGraft: Receding hairline and crown restored

Before and After Crown Baldness Restoration using Dr.UGraft FUE In A Los Angeles Man*

 Receding Hairline and Crown Restored Patient Results – Patient Results Photo:

Norwood 3 hair loss restored with 2300 grafts Before and After Dr.UGraft Revolution

11 months after Receding hairline and crown Restored with 2300 grafts Using Dr.UGraft*


11 months following the advanced FUE, the patient sported a thick, natural-looking head of hair. The patient claims results looked so natural, nobody would have ever thought he underwent a hair transplant. He also reported a boost in self-confidence and esteem.

Patient Results Video: Norwood 3 Hair Loss Restored with 2300 Grafts Before and After Dr.UGraft Revolution

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Receding Hairline and Crown Baldness Restoration– Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m a young person experiencing heavy hair loss. Can the Dr.UGraft restore my hair?

Dr. Umar generally recommends other hair loss and restoration methods in patients under 25 years of age. Prior to age 25, the human body continues to grow and change. Performing hair restoration with the Dr.UGraft, therefore, can actually complicate hair loss in younger patients. Hair loss may become more dramatic with age. Dr. Umar, therefore, prefers to perform the Dr.UGraft FUE in older patients who have a more settled appearance.

In younger patients, Dr. Umar generally recommends more preventative methods in treating hair loss. Medications like Rogaine can help prevent further hair loss in patients under 25.

What does receding hairline and crown restoration cost?

Cost for the Dr.UGraft procedure varies from patient to patient depending on the number of grafts required. If cost is a major determining factor for a patient, Dr. Umar can work to create a plan of treatment that will minimize cost while still restoring hair to an aesthetically pleasing appearance.


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