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Non Surgical Jowl Lift in Los Angeles: The best treatment for a sagging jawline no longer requires an invasive surgery, a scalpel, or a large financial commitment. Using the collagen-regenerating, skin-tightening technology of dermal fillers, Dr. Umar is able to reduce or remove jowls in a 30-minute non-invasive procedure. Non surgical jowl lift is a safe way to restore the tight, natural, beautiful contour of a youthful jawline with almost no downtime post-procedure.

Non surgical jaw lift - before Radiesse

Patient who wished to remove jowls non surgically.


What Are Jowls?

Jowls are the skin and fat tissue beneath the corners of the mouth that sag below the jawline with the aging process. Once the skin and subcutaneous tissue sag beyond the jaw bone, jowls begin to form and grow more prominent over time. This sagging tissue creates the appearance of the lower cheeks becoming dangling or hanging flaps of skin, also known as jowls.


What Are The Causes of Jowls

When it comes to aging, most women and men think of wrinkles, hair loss, and age spots as the main culprits. However, sagging jowls, or a sagging jawline, is a dismaying cosmetic challenge that most people over the age of 50 are dealing with. As we age, our muscle and fat tissue begin to atrophy and the skin loses elasticity. The face is no exception.


Radiesse - Best treatment for sagging jawline.

Non surgical jowl lift with Radiesse.

What is the Best Treatment for a Sagging Jawline?

Radiesse for Non Surgical Jowl Lift

Asking, “How do I get rid of my jowls?” now has a safer, quicker, more cost-effective, and far less traumatic solution than a surgical facelift. A non surgical jowl lift at the Dr. U Skin Clinic uses Radiesse to raise, shape, and structure the jawline.

Radiesse is a firm gel compound comprised of calcium hydroxyapatite particles. These tiny particles are a natural component of our bone and collagen tissue. By injecting them into the jawline, they act as a scaffold beneath the skin, facilitating a structure or framework to support the growth of new collagen fibers. Its ability to correct and reinforce structural cosmetic issues, rather than acting merely as a “filler”, is what makes Radiesse the best treatment for a sagging jawline.

With non surgical jowl lift, you can expect a restoration of youthful beauty and confidence that also yields more natural and subtle results than surgery. This is due in part to the versatility of Radiesse while the procedure is being performed. Once injected, Dr. Umar is able to mold and contour the thick gel substance to best suit your face shape and jaw structure. Eventually, new collagen growth will begin to replace the gel filler.

Restylane for Non Surgical Jowl Lift

Depending on the stage of your jowling and your desired results, Restylane is another dermal filler used to mitigate or remove jowls. This is generally used as an early-stage or preventative treatment, injected into the nasolabial folds (laugh lines) to help lift the sagging jowls, which fall beneath either side of the mouth. Restylane is a hyaluronic acid filler used to instantly add volume to tissue, and it can also promote the regeneration of collagen.


Benefits: Non Surgical Jowl Lifting Using Radiesse Versus Jowl Surgery By Neck lift or Face Lift

A few of the prominent options for removing jowls through surgery include neck lift, face lift, and thread lift. There are many types of neck and face lifts, such as skin only facelift, lower facelift, and High-SMAS face and neck lift; and what each of these surgeries does or does not include also depends on the plastic surgeon.

A skin only facelift is just as the name implies, and is not recommended due to the elastic nature of the skin. It is likely that another procedure would be needed as the skin continued to sag.

A lower facelift implies a lift of both the skin and fat, where the skin is tightened and the atrophied fat is moved back up into the midface cheek area.

Typically, SMAS references a deep layer facelift. SMAS is a stronger type of tissue consisting predominantly of collagen. This lift also targets some muscle fibers, in addition to the fat, and the tightening of the skin.

Touted as “non surgical,” thread lift does require a small incision and the insertion of an absorbable thread, or suture. This suture is placed beneath the skin and then pulled upward to physically hoist the facial tissue. According to recent studies, thread lift may only last 3 to 4 months and may cause scarring.

With the exception of the semi-permanent thread lift, the above procedures are invasive, and any error or scarring is permanent, as well as the outcome of an “overdone” look.

By comparison, non surgical jowl lift is:

  • Non-invasive
  • A quick procedure
  • Low cost
  • Safe
  • Yields natural-looking results
  • Creates minimal trauma and downtime

You’ll have the freedom to drive yourself to the procedure, and won’t lose days or weeks to planning and recovery. If jowl removal is something you desire for a special occasion and don’t have time for an extensive surgery, dermal fillers are the ideal solution. Additionally, the injection of dermal fillers doesn’t break the bank. Missing work or sacrificing valuable vacation time is no longer an issue with the avoidance of surgery. The procedure can be performed on a lunch hour or in between errands. With minimal disruption to your life and schedule, dermal fillers still produce the most desired cosmetic result when compared with surgery.


How the Procedure Works to Remove Jowls

First is a free consultation with Dr. Umar, during which you will discuss your desired results and the best treatment for you. Prior to the procedure, Dr. Umar will use a numbing cream or local anesthesia to minimise the initial pain of injection. He will then mold and contour the Radiesse or Restylane beneath your skin to achieve optimal results. The procedure requires 30 minutes or less. Results are immediate and there is typically no downtime.


How Long Do the Results of Non Surgical Jowl Lift Last?

The results of Radiesse last anywhere from 12 to 18 months, depending on how quickly your body breaks down and metabolizes the filler.

The procedure using Restylane lasts approximately 4 months, based on the same variables.

Some people look at the temporary nature of dermal fillers as a drawback, however, at Dr. U Skin Clinic, we believe subtly and natural beauty best serve our patients. While surgery produces permanent results, the potential complications and errors are often permanent as well. Surgery is always high-risk. Additionally, as the face continues to age, one surgery may not be enough, and additional surgeries may be required. Having your procedure with dermal fillers done every year to two years enables Dr. Umar to reassess your needs and sculpt the most beautiful results every time. Using Radiesse, you will age with cosmetic confidence, but also with grace.


Patient Results of Non Surgical Jowl Lift

This non surgical jowl lift before and after photo is only one example of how Radiesse can give you a more youthful appearance in only 30 minutes.

How do I get rid of my jowls?

No surgical jaw lift was the goal of this patient.


Radiesse: The Best Treatment for a Sagging Jawline

This patient received the best treatment for a sagging jawline.*


Radiesse for non surgical jaw lift.

Before non surgical jowl lift using dermal fillers.


Best Treatment for a Sagging Jawline: Remove jowls with dermal fillers.

After having the best treatment for a sagging jaw line in Los Angeles.*


Non Surgical Jowl Lift Patient Result Video:

How Do I Get Rid of My Jowls? Alternative Treatments:

Alternative treatments for jowls include:

  • Radiofrequency skin tightening (discussed and described below)
  • Ultrasound skin tightening (discussed and described below)
  • CO2 Laser treatment
  • Jowl surgery/Face and neck lift

Non Surgical Jowl Lift Using Radiesse versus Ultrasound and Radiofrequency Skin Tightening or CO2 Laser

As you research the best treatment for non surgical jaw lift, you’ve likely come across resources citing the use of ultrasound and radiofrequency devices to tighten the skin and reduce or remove jowls. Ar. Dr. U Skin Clinic we believe the injection of dermal fillers to be a safer, lower-risk, and less painful approach to correcting sagging facial skin.

Ultrasonic devices generate extremely high temperatures at focal points beneath the skin to heat up targeted tissue, creating a line or vector which will pull up the tissue beneath. However, there is no guarantee that non-targeted, healthy facial fat won’t suffer. This can cause atrophy of buoyant, elastic tissue and, in turn, worsen the condition rather than offer resolution.

Similarly, radiofrequency devices conduct a high-powered electrosurgical current used to cauterize and fulgurate the tissue. This procedure is high-risk, as surrounding areas may atrophy and result in undesired complications.

Finally, CO2 Laser uses selective photothermolysis to destroy skin tissue in the deep skin layer. As the area heals, new collagen is formed with a tighter firmer skin forming in its wake.

Furthermore, while these devices can reduce or remove unwanted sagging tissue, they are not able to fill, plump, or add volume to degenerated tissue as is done by Radiesse, which is often the main cause of sagging skin.


Why the Jawline is an Important Facial Feature for a Youthful Appearance

With a focus on forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, and hair loss, women and men who pursue non-invasive cosmetic rejuvenation may end up with an unbalanced appearance. The face ages uniformly, therefore, enhancements and corrections should be performed uniformly as well. Loose skin around the neck and jaw are often the greatest indicator of aging because the area goes untreated by many. If you’re pursuing anti-aging treatments, be sure to address all areas of concern with Dr. Umar during your free consultation, in order to achieve the most natural and uniformly youthful results.


Possible Preventative Measures for the Development of Jowls

There is not too much you can do to fight the aging process–it happens to all of us. The forces of gravity and the atrophy of the skin, fat, and muscle are inevitable. However, there are a couple of measures you can take to decrease the appearance of jowls, and slow down the development of jowls.

  1. Exercise and stretch the lower face, jawline, and neck on a daily basis. Just like the rest of the body, the face functions through muscle movement. By exercising this area just like you do your arms, legs, abdomen, etc, you can strengthen the facial muscles to help prevent atrophy. There are several exercises you can do and they require less than 10 minutes of your day.
  2. Make sure the lower face and neck are always well hydrated with a skin-firming moisturizer.


Contact Dr. U Skin Clinic for a Free Consultation

At no cost to you, Dr. Umar offers a commitment-free consultation to better your understanding of non surgical jowl lift and discuss the best course of treatment for your cosmetic needs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Radiesse used for other procedures besides jowl lift?

Yes, Radiesse can be used for a number of non-invasive cosmetic procedures, including nose job, cheek lift, and chin augmentation, among others. Please see our complete list of Radiesse procedures here.

Will there be bruising, swelling, or pain after the jowl lift procedure?

Trauma, pain, and downtime are minimal, however, some patients do see redness or swelling, and may experience itching at the site of the injection post-procedure. This should subside in a matter of days and can be treated with cold compresses to reduce soreness and swelling.


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