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Mature Hair Transplant Coverage Sustains A Fuller Look In Beverly Hills Norwood 3 Patient – Dr U: Not everyone who chooses a hair transplant procedure wants  the same hairline they had as a teenager or in their twenties. This gentleman from Beverly Hills, CA is a case in point. Rather than a conventional, youthful framework around his face, he only wanted  a very slight improvement in his coverage. But most of all, he wanted the natural looking detail of having thinning hair.  

So what was his reason for making this choice? The people in his personal, social and professional circles already knew him as having partial hair loss. And he did want a drastic departure from this strongly established image.

After listening to the patient’s goals, Dr U instant determined that the most ideal solution is his subtle hair restoration procedure. In this type of hair transplantation, Dr U seeks to give the appearance of fullness the patient desires, but does it in a subtle manner that people familiar with him may have a difficult time realizing what caused the improved appearance, So it is a hair transplant that is subtle and natural enough a patient can get away with denying it ever happened. Upon learning about subtle hair transplant, the patient decided, it is the solution to his quest for fullness that retains his original look.


Before Photos – Advanced Norwood 3 Hair Loss

This patient came to Dr.U at the Norwood 3 stage of baldness. Previously,  he had undergone a hair transplant procedure at a different clinic. However, his grafts did not survive to produce the results he had anticipated. 

The patient wised to remain at Norwood 3 with the end appearance of a thinning hairline and temples, an outcome which results from the miniaturization of hair follicles. However, in this case, the plan for achieving this effect was to harvest and insert healthy, robust  (i.e. non-miniaturized) follicles from the nape area. 

Here is a photo of his hairline and temples before his procedure with Dr.U, along with the design planning for the new results.

Patient wants to improve his appearance by reducing the margin of hair loss only by a small margin.

Patient wants to improve his appearance by reducing the margin of hair loss only by a slight margin to preserve his original appearance. 

Procedure Photos for Beverly Hills Patient- Harvesting Thin, Soft Nape Hair For A Mature Coverage

Using his FUE Shave Test, Dr.U first assessed the patient to see if he could actually qualify for the permanent use of nape hair [1]. The results of this diagnostic confirmed that these grafts were indeed a viable, long-term choice for this individual.

Dr.U harvested follicles from the nape using his patented technology, Dr.UGraft


Hair Transplant Nape Donor Area, Following Graft Extraction Phase

The patient’s nape area served as the source of donor grafts for his hairline and temple restoration * 

Hair Transplant Recipient Area Following Nape Hair Insertions

Photo of Beverly Hills patient following the insertion of nape hair grafts into the recipient region *


The skin region in this area has a distinct thickness, compared to the scalp. And this characteristic affects how the punch engages with the tissue environment. Dr.UGraft, which is built on the principles of Intuitive FUE, is the only hair transplant extraction system which enables the practitioner to adjust the performance of the punch within different skin thickness environments. This is an important capability for minimizing graft transection rates. 

Using this approach, Dr.U succeeded in extracting 1000 grafts from the nape and peri-auricular (around the ears) region. 

These were carefully inserted to construct the realistic effect of a soft, thinning Norwood 3 appearance. During the planning stages of this patient’s procedure, Dr.U designed a hairline and temple framework which reflected the particular stage of hair loss that this individual was aiming for.


BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS: Subtle Hair Restoration for a Mature Hair Transplant Coverage – Could Anyone Tell That A Hair Transplant Was Even Performed? 

Here are before and after photos of the patient’s procedure, where the entire results were constructed using nape hair and some head donor hair. This subtle hair restoration approach by Dr U is such that retains the patients original hair loss level but with an increase fullness and general improvement in overall youthfullness. This mature hair transplant coverage successfully met the patient’s goal.



To meet patient's goal for retaining his Norwood 3 but yet fuller hair loss level, Dr U did a subtle hair restoration for a mature hair transplant coverage

To meet patient’s goal for retaining his Norwood 3 but yet fuller hair loss level, Dr U did a subtle hair restoration for a mature hair transplant coverage


Subtle Hair Restoration for a Mature Hair Transplant Coverage

Here Dr U explains the rationale, patient selection criteria and the process of subtle hair restoration surgery which was used to deliver this patients desire for a mature hair transplant coverage that sustains his NW 3 look that looks improved in fullness.


Transplant Coverage Sustains A Fuller Look In Beverly Hills Norwood 3 Patient - Dr U




Frequently Asked Questions – Mature Coverage Hairline

Can a hairline be reconstructed for any stage of hair loss depicted on the Norwood scale?

Yes, patients can choose to have any type of hairline they want. The surgeon would need to know how to recreate the look of specific Norwood stages, rather than relying strictly on the standard Rule of Thirds proportions. And they would also have to account for what factors would help the patient look their absolute best. 

If I choose a mature looking hairline, can I add more grafts later, if I decide to go with a younger look?

Yes, it is possible to enhance your results by adding more grafts to your first outcome. Depending on the individual and how much hair remains on the scalp, body hair may also need to be considered to supply the appropriate quantity.

Besides nape hair, what other hair choices would be appropriate for a soft, thinning edge?

Although nape hair is one choice available for achieving the detail of thinner hair, another option may include leg hair. Dr.U is the first hair transplant surgeon in the world to use leg hair grafts, a hair type that his patient wanted for his hairline and temples. 



S.Umar, Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 35, Issue 8, November/December 2015, Pages 903–909


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