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Help Thinning Hair with Dr.UGraft Advanced FUE In Dr. U Los Angeles Patient: Dr. Sanusi Umar has pioneered and advanced FUE hair transplants allowing for significant restoration of even the most severely bald. In this latest case, a patient sought Dr. Umar’s help in order to fix his depleting hairline. This individual wanted to address his thinning hair texture with nonaggressive middle-of-the-road results. In order to achieve this desired outcome, Dr. Umar decided to perform a Dr. UGraft advanced FUE hair transplant using 3000 head and nape donor grafts to help thinning hair.

Dr. Umar determined that for this procedure the nape hair would best transplant to the head.

This particular patient never had surgery in the past. With the front of his head starting to show severe balding, the patient made the right decision to address the hair loss before it progressed further.

Help Thinning Hair with Dr UGraft Advanced FUE In Los Angeles Patient

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How to Address Thinning Hair: Before Photos:

In order to achieve the best results for this patient, Dr. Umar performed a Dr.UGraft FUE hair transplant using 3000 head donor grafts. Primarily the patient’s nape hair was utilized to create the front hairs in the hairline for natural softness while the remaining hairline and frontal scalp were addressed with head donor grafts.


The images below show the patient before treatment.

Consult with Dr. Umar on how to address thinning hair

This patient wanted to restore fullness to thinning hair. Before Seeing Dr. Umar, the patient had significant temple hair loss.


Thinning hair men: Erosion of the temple points and hairline before treatment

Thinning hair men: Close-up view of patient hair loss before treatment

The Solution – How to Help Thinning Hair in Los Angeles Patient With Dr.UGraft FUE: Before and After Photos

The nape of the neck, as well as the middle of the back of the head, were used as the donor area for this patient. During the surgery, Dr. Umar artistically restored the patient’s hairline and temporal recesses in order to better frame the face properly. The next photos show the improvement made possible with this Dr.UGraft FUE to restore fullness to thinning hair.

The photos below highlight the patient’s results.

How to address thinning hair: Dr.UGraft FUE Transplant to help thinning hair

Before and After Dr.UGraft FUE Transplant to Help Thinning Hair*


Before and After Dr.UGraft to address thinning hair men

Before and After Dr.UGraft to address thinning hair men*

Make Thinning Hair Full Again – Patient Results Photos:

The transplanted grafts have settled in naturally and now cover up the spot that previously showed balding. The top and front area of the head that previously had severely thinning hair now sports thick transplanted hair. This new thickness and fullness looks very natural and will allow for many new hairstyles.

Make thinning hair full again with the Dr.UGraft

Make thinning hair full again: Restore fullness to thinning hair with the Dr.UGraft*



Help Thinning Hair with Dr UGraft Advanced FUE In Dr U Los Angeles Patient - Result

Patient Result Photo: Dr. Umar helped restore fullness to thinning hair.*


This individual ended up very happy about the results and has no second thoughts in the decision to work with Dr. Umar. His most important advice to anyone else considering hair transplant surgery is “Do it quicker and go with Dr. Umar!”

The video below explores this patient’s transformation and view his glowing, smile-filled testimonial, twelve months after the surgery.

Patient Results VIDEO: Make Thinning Hair Full Again with Dr. U

Dr U Advanced FUE Hair Transplant Using 3000 UGrafts: An individual wanted to address his thinning hair texture with non aggressive natural looking results. In this video you can examine how Dr U was able to achieve these wanted results by performing an advanced FUE hair transplant using 3000 UGrafts. After a FUE "shave test" was used to confirm a safe donor area, the nape was selected for harvesting. During the surgery, the temples were also modified to frame the face properly. The results shown in the video are twelve months post surgery. As you can see, the transplanted grafts have settled in naturally and now cover up the spots that were previously showing signs of thinning.

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Help Thinning Hair – Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to recover from surgery with the Dr.UGraft?

Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but in general, patients have scabbing and crust at the surgical site immediately after the procedure. This crust sloughs off after a week or so, and wounds generally heal without cosmetically significant scarring in a month or less. New hair growth begins after about 4 months, and takes up to a year to reach fullness.

Is treatment with the Dr.UGraft expensive?

Expense varies from case to case depending on the number of hair grafts a patient needs for restoration. For patients who have concerns about finances, Dr. Umar can develop a treatment plan that will minimize cost while still restoring desired hair coverage.


Dr. U is more than happy to answer any questions about hair loss that were not covered in the preceding section. To send them to him personally, check out our Ask Dr. U portal below:



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