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Do hair transplants last? This is the question addressed in this case report. With MPB, thinning and loss of hair can begin as early as 21 years old. The patient profiled here underwent a hair transplant at 26 years old with Dr. Umar. The successful procedure changed the patient’s life for the better. However, his hair loss continued. This post explores the subject of hair loss after a hair transplant. It documents this patient’s progressive hair loss through a period of 8 years after Dr. UGraft advanced FUE hair transplant.


Progressive Hair Loss and Advanced UGraft FUE Hair Transplant In Los Angeles

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Hair Loss After Hair Transplant at 26 – Before Photos:

In this case, the patient realized early that he wanted to treat his progressive hair loss and continue to enjoy a full head of hair. He felt very strongly that no other thing in life impacts a man’s confidence more than male pattern baldness.

This patient underwent a successful hair transplant utilizing 3200 grafts which Dr. Umar performed. Before his transplants and especially because of his young age, Dr. U counseled the patient:

  1. About the prospect of progressive hair loss, which may necessitate the need for another transplant in the future
  2. After performing an “FUE Shave Test,” Dr. U determined that he is not likely to end up with severe hair loss in the future and that nape hair can be used safely
  3. The financial implication of needing more surgeries in the future
  4. because of #2 above, a semi-aggressive hairline was possible
Do hair transplants last?: Patient before treatment by Dr. Umar

Patient’s temples before a progressive hair loss solution with Dr.UGraft

If done at too young an age, a patient can still experience hair loss after hair transplant: Patient's hair loss before treatment

Hairline before treatment via Dr.UGraft


Treatment with Dr.UGraft gave the patient a fuller hairline and stronger temple points. These results improved his life and reaffirmed his confidence. Furthermore, besides his wife and close family, no one else recognized that he had a hair transplant performed.

The Solution: Patient Sees Success After Hair Transplant at 26 – Before and After Photos:

Although the transplant had highly satisfying outcomes for the patient, it did not provide a permanent solution. Unfortunately, in some cases, especially in younger patients, results do not last forever. Continuing natural hair thinning occurs among most men. Hair loss progression 8 years after FUE hair transplant started to become slightly evident, with the original hairline receding away from the newly created one.

The photo below contrasts his hair loss before and 9 months after the FUE surgery:

FUE hair transplant at 26: Before and After Progressive hair loss solution

Before and After Dr. UGraft FUE hair transplant at 26*


In the image below, Dr. Umar deliberately combs and exposes the areas starting to show signs of hair loss again.

Photo shows area of onset of Hair Loss After Hair Transplant.

Photo shows the area of onset of Hair Loss After Hair Transplant.*


Progressive Hair Loss Solution –  Patient Results Photos:

Hair loss progression after hair transplant becomes more evident as native hair continues to thin out. This patient’s hairline still looks good, as do the temple points. However, when deliberately highlighted, a deficiency begins to show along the original hairline. To upkeep the natural look, the patient will require another transplant to blend the two areas in another year or two.

Before and after FUE Hair Transplant

The temple areas are still excellent 8 years after surgery.*


Eight years later, the patient still says he made the right choice in undergoing a hair transplant. Every time he sees his brothers, both of whom have suffered major hair loss, the sight affirms his decision.

The video below explores this patient’s process and results.

Patient Results Video: Dr. Umar Gives Patient Progressive Hair Loss Solution for Los Angeles Patient

3200 Grafts Used to Repair Hair Loss Progression: In this video you can examine a story of a patient who at twenty six years of age opted for FUE surgery with Dr. U. The treatment was a complete success and the patient's life has improved significantly. Unfortunately a transplant is never a permanent solution. There are no permanent solutions to hair loss so in order to upkeep a natural full head of hair look, this patient required another transplant that will blend the two areas. 8 years after his initial successful hair surgery, the patient began to show signs of balding again. In order to counter the continuing natural hair loss, 3200 Grafts were used to repair hair loss progression. With this additional follow up surgery, the patient can be confident that he will continue to have a natural looking full head of hair.

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Hair Transplant at 26 – Frequently Asked Questions:

Do hair transplants last?

Hair transplants using the Dr.UGraft method will continue to grow and flourish long after treatment. However, as the patient in this case demonstrates, hair loss after a hair transplant can occur. Instead, it merely restores hair to a site that has already lost it. However, the non-invasive nature of the Dr.UGraft makes it a simple, safe method to undergo periodic hair repair.

At what age will Dr. Umar treat a patient for hair loss?

Dr. Umar treats patients of all ages depending on their situation. Some caveats go into determining if you are a good candidate. Still, Age is not considered a free-standing contraindication to hair transplantation on its own, So there is no absolute minimum age as such.


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