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While hair loss usually begins to show in full adulthood, occasionally a patient can experience severe hair loss at a young age. This patient had gone almost entirely bald by age 23, losing the entirety of his hairline and most of the hair on his crown. Disheartened, he’d considered hair transplantation surgery at other clinics, only to learn that because of the extent of his hair loss and sparse head donor, he was ineligible for conventional hair restoration surgery. Moreover, the patient is of limited financial resource and needed a cost-effective approach that factors in his relative donor lack and expected hair loss progression. He then sought help from Dr. Umar.

Young Aged Hair Transplant for Student with Tight Budget by Dr. UGraft

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Severe Hair Loss at Young Age – Before Photos:

Dr. Umar met with the patient to discuss his goals for hair replacement, and to develop a plan for surgery using the Dr.UGraft FUE. The patient had always wanted to keep a buzzed hairstyle, though wanted his scalp to look as though he hadn’t endured extensive hair loss.

The image below provides a look at the patient before surgery.

Before Hair Restoration: Severe hair loss at young age

Severe hair loss at young age prior to hair restoration.


The Solution – Dr.UGraft ™ Young Hair Restoration – Before and After Photos:

Dr. Umar recommended 2000 Dr.UGrafts — generally considered a modest amount for transplant—spread out over two sessions. The effect, called the “less is more” look however, would let the patient look as though he still had hair on his crown and at the hairline, even if he kept his head shaved. Harvesting hair from other parts of the head and neck, Dr. Umar performed Dr.UGraft FUE to transplant the grafts to the patient’s crown and hairline, carefully spacing them to retain the appearance of a full head of hair.

The photos below highlight the difference in coverage.

Hair transplant age 23: Hair Restoration Before and After using 2000 Dr.UGrafts

Crown view before and after hair restoration by Dr. UGraft.*

Hair Restoration Before and After in Young Patient

Forehead before and after hair restoration with the Dr UGraft.*

Dr.UGraft Young Hair Restoration – Patient Results Photos:

About one year after surgery, the patient expressed his satisfaction with the outcome. Still wearing a buzz cut, the patient had hair covering the crown and hairline, keeping with the image of a man with a fuller head of hair that shaves his head. The 2000 Dr.UGrafts created the appearance of a natural hairline without leaving cosmetically significant scars or other complications. The patient also reported compliments from friends and family thanks to his new look. Best of all, the Dr.UGraft FUE left open the possibility for further treatment in the future, should the patient opt for a more thick-haired look. For the moment though, the patient reports feeling great about his look, and youthful, age-appropriate appearance.

The photo below shows his dramatic results!

How young is too young for hair restoration: Young Hair Restoration Before and After

Side view results of young hair restoration by Dr. UGraft.*

Hair transplant age 23: One year after Hair Restoration using 2000 Dr.UGrafts

One year after hair transplant age 23 with Dr. UGraft.*


Patient Results Video: Dr. Umar Uses Minimalist Approach for Hair Transplant at Age 23

Watch the video below to see how Dr. Umar used a “less-is-more” approach for this patient’s unique situation.

This young patient wanted to conceal his hair loss without breaking his bank. With no viable body hair to use, Dr. U took a less-is-more conservative approach with head hair to create the patient's desired look.


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Frequently Asked Questions – Severe Hair Loss at Young Age

What is the right age for hair transplant surgery? How young is too young for hair restoration? Is the Dr.UGraft procedure right for me?

Suitable for use at any age, for patients experiencing significant hair loss at a young age, the Dr.UGraft procedure can drastically help with self esteem and confidence. People age 24 and younger should, however keep certain things in mind when considering a hair transplant. continue to grow, and hair loss can continue even after a transplant restores the patient’s confidence. Hair loss will continue to spread, this means a patient will have to undergo a second and sometimes third procedure. It is therefore important that a patient be receiving stable income and be financially prepared for the future.

What are the various ways a young patient can save on hair transplant cost with Dr.UGraft ?

Most individuals in their early 20s are not financially stable. At that age career uncertainties dictate that care be taken in exerting very ambitious transplant goals. Dr. Umar advises that the following can be done to assuage hair transplant cost:

  1. Go for the less is more approach as was done in this patient
  2. Keep hairline conservative. This would assuage concerns for future donor supply if the patients hair loss takes an aggressive progression course
  3. Consider adding temporary micro-pigmentation to the regimen to give the appearance of more density
  4. Emphasize the frontal areas and use medications to slow down the progression of hair loss in the crown and vertex areas.

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