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After years of frustration with thin or non-existent eyebrows and the tedium of brow pencils, brow powders, and eyeshadows, more and more people have discovered an easy solution: eyebrow hair transplant. When eyebrow restoration is performed using a hair transplant, the hair is 100% real – so no more smudges, dark lines, or unnatural shapes and textures along the brow line. An Eyebrow hair transplant is a surgical process in which permanent growing hair is extracted from other areas into the brow areas where it is needed.

Countless products on the market promise to “color” in thin or non-existent eyebrows. From powders to pencils, consumers have a huge demand for full and attractive brows. This patient uses an eyebrow pencil to enhance the arch of her eyebrow, but the darkened edge looks nothing like natural hair.

Eyebrow pencils are a make-up staple but less effective than eyebrow hair transplant

Eyebrow pencils can darken hair but often end up with a fake, unnatural look.

Some people, looking for a more permanent fix, go the tattooing route or use “permanent makeup” to tattoo in their eyebrows. These solutions never look as natural as real hair due to uneven pigmentation and a lack of hair texture. Sometimes the effect can have disastrous consequences. Permanent make-up has especially dire complications. Removal can prove costly and lead to scarring of the skin after removal.

Eyebrow hair transplant offers a much safer alternative that can give full, gorgeous eyebrows in no time at all! Both men and women that desire dense and shaped eyebrows can qualify as patients for transplant. Eyebrow transplants have become increasingly popular because of their natural, easy-to-maintain results and a high patient satisfaction rate. Having full, natural eyebrows enhances the face and makes a dramatic difference, especially for those that have struggled with a lack of eyebrows for their entire lives.

Follicular Unit Extraction (or FUE) allows Dr. Umar to extract the different types of follicles from the skin. The Dr.UGraft (an advanced FUE method) can harvest follicles from all over the body for transplant. This allows Dr. Umar to implant softer or more coarse hair into various areas across the body without previous hair restoration types limitations. Dr. Umar pioneered the craft of hair restoration and using non-traditional areas to construct natural-looking, shapely arches that eliminate any need for intense maintenance by the patient. These benefits now extend to eyebrow hair implants.

Dr.UGraft Eyebrow Transplant Is Changing the Face of Eyebrow Restoration

Dr. Umar’s Dr.UGraft Advanced FUE eyebrow hair replacement process creates elegant and seamless results for patients. The process entails taking hair from the nape [2] or another part of the body and transferring it to the eyebrow area. After removal and implantation, the hair continues to grow its original length. This means that the patient can achieve the desired shape of eyebrows and no longer suffer limits of hair growth in the brow.

The Dr.UGraft eyebrow hair transplant is the most effective type of eyebrow hair transplantation. Instead of being limited to extracting coarse donor hair from the middle or the back of the scalp, as most eyebrow transplant procedures do, Dr. UGraft’s system uses slow-growing, thinner, and softer than blends better with the natural growing eyebrow hair. Dr. Umar extracts donor hair from the nape of the head, neck, legs, forearms, or other body parts to achieve a natural appearance.

In a typical eyebrow restoration surgery, 50 to 325 hairs are individually implanted into the eyebrow. This delicate process requires very high skill and specialization, as a surgeon must place each hair into tiny incisions. Dr. Umar makes these incisions using customized blades and cuts, specifically adjusting the depth, direction, and angle to allow the new hair to grow flat and horizontal to the face, the way it does naturally. Transplanted hair grows in the same way that the hair does before extraction and implantation—moving the follicle doesn’t change how it grows. Skin heals within seven days, and results appear within the first five months!

Who Can Benefit from Dr.UGraft Eyebrow Hair Surgery?

Anyone wanting thicker, natural-looking eyebrows can benefit from Dr.UGraft eyebrow restoration!

In men, thinner eyebrows result from heredity. Men usually lack fuller eyebrow hair on the outer half of the brow. For that reason, any men opt to get eyebrow hair transplants because they want that classic, thick brow look that they see on most actors and models. The patient below had a lot of anxiety about the appearance of his eyebrows before his life-changing operation.  Dr. UGraft’s procedure filled out his eyebrows using leg hair and increased his confidence in his everyday life [1]

Male eyebrow restoration after Dr.Graft surgery. Eyebrow hair transplant cost depends on the number of grafts needed

Male eyebrow transplant patient after the Dr.UGraft procedure.*


The video below chronicles the above patient’s entire experience. It also includes before and after interviews that describe his experience with Dr. Umar’s life-changing transplantation technique.

Masculine vs. Feminine Eyebrow Shapes

When getting an eyebrow transplant, the shape is a significant factor to take into consideration. Dr. Umar has significant experience and knowledge on the arch and thickness differences between your typical male and female eyebrow design.


Men and women have very different eyebrow designs

Eyebrow designs: male vs. female


Male Eyebrow Shapes:

Eyebrows on men tend to have a more linear structure than their female counterparts. The eyebrows generally grow straight with a slight arch at the end or have a gradual curve for the whole length. Their thickness remains about the same for the whole length of the eyebrow, eventually petering off at the end.


Female Eyebrow Shapes:

Women’s eyebrows generally follow a 2:1 ratio, the first two-thirds toward the inner eye act differently than the one-third toward the outer eye. There are two ways women usually grow their eyebrows; either they begin by growing at an upwards angle, or they lightly arch from the beginning. Regardless, they have a much more defined arch before going downwards at the end. Their eyebrows will be at their thickest towards the beginning third and gradually get thinner towards the end.

High arch female eyebrow.

Example of a feminine eyebrow with a high arch.


When receiving your eyebrow transplant, the doctor will discuss the shape and design during your consultation to ensure you receive the most natural and aesthetically pleasing arch for your face.

Accident victims, burn victims, and patients who have lost their hair due to scarring or sickness also make excellent candidates for eyebrow transplantation. The simple procedure lasting just a few hours can transform a patient’s entire life, making them feel normal and curing social anxiety. This exciting eyebrow transplant procedure also saves time, energy, and anxiety for patients. Eyebrow restoration eliminates all of that time in front of the mirror, worrying if penciled-in brows look “real.” Fear and worry about eyebrows disappearing at the beach or during a hot game of tennis will fade away with eyebrow restoration.

Eyebrow transplant lets a patient enjoy a more natural look with beautiful brows that people will definitely notice!

New Generation of Eyebrow Trends

Though Brooke Shields and Kim Kardashian have inspired quite a few of our eyebrow transplant procedures, there is now a new generation of trends that emphasize sleekness, definition, crisp lines, and well-groomed contours, not just fullness alone. If you are considering an eyebrow restoration procedure and would like to explore more options for achieving a fresh, up-to-date, modern aesthetic, a few concepts to think about include: shape length type of arch hair directions Here are several eyebrow style trends listed by The Zoe Report.


This look is well-groomed, but also softly brushed, without the obvious look of styling products (i.e. stiff, lacquered, ultra-shiny, drawn in.)

Geo Lift

The hallmark trait of this eyebrow style is the front part which stays fluffy but combed upwards. The ends are thicker and tapered with an overall outline that is sharp and crisp.

Overly Fluffy

Here, the emphasis is on the visibility of straightly permed individual hairs, combed upward across the entire brow length.

90’s Inspired

Believe it or not, many people are a little tired of seeing full, bold brows, a look that we tend to see on just about everyone. Some yearn for thinner, penciled-in 90’s inspired arches. However, this time around, skinny tattoo’d lines have still not quite made it back in vogue. Brows are a little thicker and filled in without the focus on seeing individual hairs. Bella Hadid is a great example.

Laminated Brows

Brow hairs are chemically straightened, combed upwards, and trimmed at the ends for a sharp upper contour


As the name suggests, there are two gradients that gently merge into one another. Brow hairs are softer in the front and heavier (denser) towards the ends

Soft Unibrow

Not quite the unibrow of Frida Kahlo, the soft unibrow maintains a reasonable (but still close) separation of the two brows. The overall look is a bit messy, but still well-groomed.

Dr.UGraft and the Feminine Mystique

Full eyebrows can take years off of the face and eliminate the need to pencil or tattoo in a brow. Penciling often looks artificial, especially in daylight or bright places like the office or a lunch date.

Women often have thinner brows due to over-plucking or botched electrolysis. Even patients who have tried tattooed eyebrows in the past can still receive a successful Dr.UGraft eyebrow transplant with Dr. Umar.

The patient needed eyebrow reconstruction surgery that looked natural and framed her face. She wanted her eyebrows to match the appearance of Brooke Shields, an actress that she admired. Dr. Umar used hair from her nape to compliment the natural hair already present while creating a fuller look closer to what she envisioned.

"Brooke Shields" density eyebrow restoration thanks to Dr.UGraft.

Best eyebrow transplant: The patient, after her surgery with eyebrows, achieved the “Brooke Shields” density thanks to Dr.UGraft.*

The video below chronicles the patient’s experience in greater depth. 350 grafts later and six months following the procedure, the patient’s eyebrow transplant had beautiful results. The patient achieved her desired look for her eyebrows, and she only has to trim them on occasion.

“It’s a drastic change, and I am so pleased with the way it looks,” she said, with a smile on her face. “It’s quite interesting how many people can’t pinpoint what it is, but they do notice a difference.” Her new brow shape and fullness have given her a newfound level of confidence. She feels delighted with the blended look and appearance of the work that Dr. Umar completed with Dr. UGraft.

Below is a video with this patient and her experiences at Dr. Umar’s clinic with her eyebrow restoration surgery.

And finally, another fun trend involves the use of novel, high-end brow-colored creams in shiny, shimmery foil colors, such as purple and more. If you are suffering from sparse brows and really want to be able to wear, comb, laminate, and perm your arches, you don’t have to feel limited by your genetics, or any permanent hair removal mistakes you may have made in the past. With an eyebrow transplant, you can certainly overcome these limitations. And with Dr.UGraft Zeus, you can even choose your hair type. During the design phase of your new brows, show us the vision you want to achieve. We will be sure to accommodate the shape, length, hair angles, and directions that will elevate your whole look.

What Can Patients Expect After a Dr.UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

Depending on the patient’s natural arch and preference, Dr. Umar can confer with the patients to create the eyebrow shape of their choice. Before eyebrow transplantation, many patients research their looks and what they think would look the best with their features.

Some patients prefer heavier brows, while others want a slightly fuller effect, making the eyebrows look dense. Dr. Umar will help discover all the various options available with eyebrow restoration during the patient’s consultation. Many people collect pictures and try various looks with pencil, threading, or shaving before committing to a particular shape.

If the patient does decide later that they want fuller brows, nothing prevents them from returning to Dr. Umar for another visit and transplant. Conversely, if the patient desires slightly thinner brows, the hairs can be plucked and shaped in whatever fashion the patient desires. The eyebrow hair transplant uses 100% real hair, which can be treated and groomed as you would your normal growing eyebrows. With a highly experienced surgeon like Dr. Umar and the use of the Dr.UGraft system, the patient can rest easy knowing a Dr. UGraft eyebrow transplant will look fantastic. Dr. Umar’s competence and artistry in hair restoration should give any nervous and anxious patient comfort.

Eyebrow hair transplant is a popular cosmetic procedure because it’s minimally invasive. The process leaves little scarring or trace of the procedure and lasts a lifetime. How can you go wrong? Dr. Umar can comfort nervous patients and make any eyebrow expectations a reality while ensuring a result that requires little maintenance.

What Patients Should Know About Eyebrow Restoration Alternatives

No matter what permanent makeup professionals might say, patients should remember that ink can never create texture the way that real hair can. This means, no matter how gifted a tattoo artist, an ink eyebrow restoration will never look the same as the real thing.

The same can be said about applying makeup to the brow. Make-up can darken hair already present on the brow, but “drawing” on new hair will always result in an unnatural look that will never pass for real, full eyebrows. Tattoos also need recoloring every few months to match the exact shade of eyebrows. Similarly, makeup needs reapplication several times a week, sometimes several times a day.

In short, only the Dr.UGraft eyebrow replacement procedure restores eyebrow hair with 100% natural-looking results.

Why Choose an Eyebrow Hair Transplant with Dr. Umar

No one should suffer from thinning and non-existent eyebrows. With over a decade of experience in the field of hair restoration, Dr. Umar, creator of the Dr.UGraft method, has earned a worldwide reputation as the best hair surgeon in the world.

An eyebrow transplant with Dr. Umar leaves no scarring and gives patients confidence in their appearance. Non-permanent solutions don’t inspire the same kind of fearlessness and lead to a constant commitment to making up or visiting the tattoo parlor. With an eyebrow transplant, Dr. Umar can give patients a look that they desire and help them discover any other style that will enhance the look of their brows. His patience and experience are unparalleled in the field of hair restoration. Nothing looks more natural than hair, and with Dr.UGraft, angling the hairs to appear slanted and flat against the face improves the appearance while giving the patient full eyebrows.

Dr.UGraft Eyebrow Hair Transplant Before and After

As more and more people become aware of the Dr.UGraft eyebrow restoration procedure, more people want to experience Dr. UGraft’s amazing results. Nobody can dispute the incredible results that last a lifetime!

The first patient below spent years plucking, waxing, and removing eyebrow hair. This left her with thin eyebrows that would not grow back – a situation all too common for so many people. In cases like hers, eyebrows begin to disappear altogether, leaving very little hair left and a whole lot of frustration on behalf of the patient. The patient wanted thick eyebrows so badly she turned to permanent makeup – essentially tattooing eyebrows in place – but it didn’t look natural. The below images contrast the eyebrow before transplantation in comparison to post-eyebrow restoration.

Before and after DrUGraft eyebrow restoration

The image on the left above shows a tattooed eyebrow with harsh lines, whereas the right image shows natural hair shaped on the brow by Dr. UGraft’s eyebrow restoration.*


Not only did this patient feel disappointed with her tattoo results, but she also found the maintenance of tattoo coverage on the brow frustrating. Tattoos fade and can become discolored. This means patients must return to a tattoo parlor for painful, time-consuming, and costly touch-ups at the first sign of any discoloration.  Without regular maintenance, tattoo discoloration begins to make the brow look unnatural.

Before and after eyebrow hair transplant with Dr. Umar

Eyebrow graft: A close-up of the patient’s left eyebrow before and after eyebrow hair transplant.*

The patient discovered that facial tattooing could not cover up something prominent in the middle of the face, unlike other tattoos on the body. This led to the patient ultimately deciding to fix the problem once and for all.

Eyebrow graft with the DrUGraft method

Hair transplant for eyebrows: A close-up of the patient’s right eyebrow before and after eyebrow restoration. Following surgery, the patient had great eyebrow hair transplant reviews!*

She set up a consultation with Dr. Umar, who walked her through the entire procedure. Because she wanted something that looked natural and 100% permanent, she decided on Dr.UGraft eyebrow replacement surgery. Using Dr. UGraft, Dr. Umar grafted 600 individual hairs from the nape of her neck and implanted them along the brow bone, covering the eyebrow tattoo and giving the patient the brows that she desired.

Hair transplant for eyebrows: Before and after eyebrow graft

Eyebrow hair transplant before and after: The complete look of the patient after her eyebrow hair transplant. She walked away with the great eyebrows that she wanted and felt very satisfied!*


After only 6 months, the patient had transformed, changing how she views her face and eyebrows. The results will continue to improve even after ten months. KNBC Health News, as well as Good Morning America, profiled her story in 2015. You can find a brief interview with the patient in the video below.

Below you’ll find a video taken of the patient pre and post eyebrow transplant. She is excited about her results.

To consult with Dr. Umar for free online about eyebrow hair restoration options, click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the Dr.UGraft hair transplant for eyebrows require any anesthesia?

In eyebrow transplants, Dr. Umar usually does apply a local anesthetic to prevent the patient from feeling any pain, thus avoiding any chance of grogginess following the surgery.

How extensive is the maintenance required after eyebrow restoration with Dr.UGraft?

Following treatment, patients generally can treat their transplanted hair just as they would if it grew naturally. Patients should remember that transplanted hair continues to grow in shape and its length at its original site. This means that patients will have to trim their eyebrows to proper length on occasion.

Does the Dr.UGraft eyebrow hair transplant procedure require only one surgery session?

As each patient has different needs, patients do sometimes require multiple sessions to achieve the best results. That said, in the case of eyebrow restoration, patients usually get full results after only one treatment session.

How much does an eyebrow hair transplant cost?

The number of grafts needed to restore the eyelashes ultimately determines the cost of the procedure. Patients interested in learning about the hair transplant for eyebrows cost can contact Dr. Umar for a free consultation.

Have more questions about eyebrow hair restoration? Use the button to ask Dr. U.


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