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This patient from Newport Beach was suffering from the advanced stages of a receding hairline as well as the beginning stages of balding in the crown. He decided to have his hair loss reversed by seeking treatment for advanced hairline recession from Dr. Umar.  Dr. U is a leading Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) practitioner in the Los Angeles area. This is a procedure that harvests grafts from the patient’s head using tiny punches. With this approach, there is no linear scar on the lower part of the patient’s scalp. And it is possible for them to wear their hair as short as they would like.

This patient decided to restore the youthful framework around his face by making the official step to undergo an FUE hair transplant.

Dr.UGraft Hair Restoration For Norwood 3 Frontal Recession and Thinning in Norwood 5 Back of Scalp Area – Before Photos:

This patient came to Dr. Umar with thinning in the Norwood 5 area with a frontal recession of Norwood 3.

His hairline had receded to the point where his hair loss had progressed close to the middle point at the top of his head. Additionally, his crown area was also starting to suffer from hair loss as well.  Here are photos of his condition before his procedure which shows a very late receding hairline stage which also reveals the erosion of his temples. 


Treatment for Advanced Hairline Recession

Newport Beach patient before his treatment for advanced hairline recession


Newport Beach patient before his hair transplant for thinning crown

Newport Beach patient before his hair transplant for thinning crown

Receding Hairline Treatment and Hair Transplant For Thinning Crown- Procedure Photos:

This patient continued to have sufficient amounts of head donor hair remaining on his head to create an overall donor pool of 3500 grafts. For this patient’s treatment for advanced hairline recession,  Dr. Umar was able to perform a Follicular Unit Extraction procedure to harvest hair from both the nape and the scalp to fill in the missing areas of hair loss in the hairline, temples, and crown.  Patients are able to reliably expect the growth they had invested in due to Dr. Umar’s expertise. Dr. Umar is the inventor of the Dr.UPunch i.  His advanced FUE instrumentation is built to account for the most common FUE factors that lead to damaged grafts and failed growth.

With the Dr.UPunch i, it is not only possible to harvest head hair follicles, but also other types of grafts like thinner hair from the nape which is ideal for the outer hairline edge. This is important for creating the soft and gradual progression that is needed for exceptionally natural-looking results.

How Dr.UGraft technology extracts beard hair grafts for more coverage

How Dr.UGraft technology extracts beard hair grafts for more coverage


How the Dr.UPunch i works to safely remove many types of hair to meet different levels of patient challenges for hair restoration surgery.

In addition to quality extractions which are necessary for growth, the best- looking hairline restoration results will depend on the ability of the surgeon to insert carefully crafted slits used to insert the grafts and recreate natural hair growth patterns. For this patient, carefully planned insertions were made in the hairline, temples, and crown.

Best Hairline Transplant and Norwood 5 Crown Restoration- Before and After Results Photos:

The difference between the patient’s appearance before his treatment for advanced hairline recession is quite significant. Dr. Umar succeeded in restoring the patient’s hairline and temples to reconstruct an immensely flattering framework around his face. Here are before and after photos which depict this amazing transformation.

crown hair loss reversed along with treatment for advanced hairline recession

crown hair loss reversed along with treatment for advanced hairline recession*


Receding Hairline Stage Transformed For Renewed Hairline

Receding hairline stage transformed for renewed hairline*

 VIDEO: Dr.UGraft Treatment for Advanced Hairline Recession and Hair Transplant for Thinning Crown

In addition to the photos above, learn more about this patient’s treatment for advanced hairline recession by watching this video.

Reversing Hairline Recession and Crown Hair Loss for Blond Patient

Often, balding patients with hair too thin to cut or style have forgotten what it feels like to be able to go to a salon an re-invent oneself for a week or two. Dr. U has found this to be one of the unexcepted sources of joy his patients have related after a successful procedure. They can now go to a salon and reinvent themselves however they choose. 

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Frequently Asked Questions – Dr.UGraft Treatment for Advanced Hairline Recession

Will Rogaine or Propecia work to restore a receding hairline?

Clinical studies have supported the use of Rogaine and Propecia for crown hair loss. However, from the perspective of many doctors, there is no difference between the hair follicles in the crown or the hairline. Both drugs could, therefore, be used to help curb hair thinning and loss in both areas. However, results will be different on an individual basis. And there is no guarantee that the drugs could cause hair to regrow in the hairline, particularly if the hair follicles have miniaturized to where the hair production processes have stopped.

Is scalp micropigmentation an adequate treatment for advanced hairline recession? 

The use of pigment to simulate shaved hair stubble should not be juxtaposed with regions of existing hair as a treatment for advanced hairline recession. In such a case, there would be a stark contrast between both areas which would then be highly noticeable. Scalp micropigmentation is best done on a completely bald or shaved head. It can also be done to supplement the density of a hair restoration procedure.

At what point am I considered to be too young for a hairline restoration? Is it possible to get the best hairline transplant surgery possible while in in your 20s?

Although many clinics will adhere to very strict age guidelines, age itself is not a sole determinant of whether or not someone should undergo a hair transplant procedure. To aid in deciding if a young adult qualifies for a hair transplant, Dr. Umar has developed his Shave Test diagnostic tool to see whether or not a patient is likely to reach a Norwood 7 stage of hair loss and would, therefore, require the use of body hair. Likewise, The Shave Test could also determine if the use of head hair alone would be sufficient to produce quality, long-term results. Knowing this information in advance is necessary for knowing if a particular individual can benefit from a treatment for advanced hairline recession earlier in life, rather than later.


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