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Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment Services In Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Patients: Eyes can be a very attractive feature on the face, although under eye wrinkles or dark eye circles and bags under eyes can get in the way of this. Since the under eye is an area of the face that people look at immediately upon meeting you, it is imperative to take remember these preventive eye wrinkle care tips and lifestyle choices. However, while people often associate dark circles under eye with tiredness, working too hard or poor sleep habits, it should also be noted that genetics play a huge role in under eye circles.

The skin underneath the eyes is very fragile. The skin there is known to be highly sensitive and really thin; If special care is not taken in this area, it will show dramatically. You could start seeing dark circles, bulges (also known as eye bags), and wrinkles forming under the eye, especially as you age. Unfortunately, this usually makes the face look older.

What Causes Dark Circles Under Eyes?

A woman with dark eye circles

The dark eye circles on this woman create a tired look.


Dark circles under the eye is not something always something that comes with age; a child can have dark eye circles, too. These dark circles under the eyes are outlined by tear troughs which are grooves and genetics is a large cause for this. People can’t change melanin production in the skin underneath the eye, facial bone structure, and how deep the blood vessels are. Some of the other reasons include:

  • Excessive sun exposure
  • Dehydrating beverages
  • Nasal congestion
  • Lack of sleep

How Do Eye Wrinkles Form?

Under eye wrinkles can be present in the absence of dark eye circles. Some of the reasons for their formation include:

  • Aging
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Sun damage
  • Cigarette smoking

Although aging and genetics are the main driving forces behind dark eye circles, sun damage and cigarette smoking are secondary causes. UV rays can affect oxygen molecules in the skin. They become unstable and damage structures in the skin such as collagen and elastin fibers. The toxins in cigarettes, as well as the squinting reaction that accompanies the exhalation of smoke, also damages collagen fibers and creases the skin. Wrinkles form as a result.

How Do Bags Under the Eyes and Wrinkles Form?

Eye bags are a distinct sign of aging. They are typically defined as a bulging or sagging of skin over the tear trough. A combination of fat shrinkage, fat displacement, the deterioration of connective tissue, and the slowing of collagen production contribute to the formation of eye bags.

Thanks to receiving Under eye wrinkles treatment, this patient was able to create a refreshed, youthful look.

Before and after picture of a Los Angeles patient who sought the help of Dr. U for dark circles under eye treatment.*


Watch this patient before and after using Radiesse for cheek lift and eye hollow correction.


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Treatment for Bags Under Eyes and Under Eye Wrinkles

It is possible to reverse the signs of aging beneath the eyes to create a much younger looking appearance. Effective treatment for the tear trough area varies, depending on which cosmetic concern you’re dealing with. For younger people dealing with dark circles and eye bags, treatment may be as simple as the following:

  • Taking an antihistamine to relieve blood vessel inflammation
  • Minimizing sun exposure, along with other appropriate lifestyle changes (e.g. getting enough sleep, staying hydrated)
  • Creams containing the right vitamins may also help, as well as retinol or hydroquinone.

However there are more reliable methods of achieving desired results when the problem scales beyond this.

Treatment Options for Dark Circles Under the Eye:


Radiesse For Treatment of Under Eye Tear Trough

Radiesse offers an excellent way to get rid of dark eye circles, under eye wrinkles, and bags under eyes with a procedure called non-surgical blepharoplasty. Structural changes using Radiesse in general have been nicknamed “liquid facelift.” Radiesse is a unique dermal filler made of tiny calcium based particles within a gel. This provides both volume and support in the soft area beneath the eyes. The appearance of lines, creases and eye bags can rapidly diminish from Radiesse injections.

One of the main advantages of using Radiesse is that it is white and opaque, thanks a light phenomenon called the Tyndall effect. A clear filler such as any of the hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (e.g Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero ) will most likely result in a bruise like color. However, there is no risk of unwanted discolorations from using Radiesse. The doctor will inject the Radiesse into each tear trough region and mold the filler to lift any sagging skin, reduce bulges, and lighten dark discoloration. The FDA has approved the use of Lidocaine to numb the area with this treatment. Thus, patients experience little to no pain. The procedure takes less than half an hour and produces minor swelling and/or bruising that can last up to 2 weeks. Results usually last between 9 and 12 months.

Fraxel For Under Eye Wrinkles

Laser therapy is another great way to treat dark circles, bags, and under eye wrinkles. The lasers used for this are Fraxel Dual or Fraxel Repair. Both of them use intensely focused light to target specific layers of tissue beneath the skin. This initiates a process that stimulates collagen production, immediately tightening the skin in the treated area.

Downtime with Fraxel Dual is typically 4-7days. Downtime with the Fraxel Repair is typically 2 weeks weeks. Treatment may require only one session or may span a number of sessions, divided into intervals of 6 weeks. A numbing agent and pain medication is administered before each session, which last about 30 minutes.

Manhattan Beach Los Angeles Non Surgical Treatment for Dark Circles and Under Eye Bags Before and After Photos from Dr. U Clinic 


A Los Angeles patient with eye bags who received dark circles under eye and bags under eyes treatment, before and after photos

A Los Angeles patient who received treatment for dark circles and under eye bags, before and after photos.*


After receiving treatment for her dark eye circles, the under eye area on this patient significantly lightened.

Thanks to receiving dark circles under eye treatment, this patient was able to have a refreshed, youthful look.

Before and after picture of a Los Angeles patient who sought the help of Dr. U for dark circles under eye treatment.*


Patient receives Radiesse treatment for dark circles under the eyes and eye bags.

Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Do dark eye circle and eye bag creams work?

Eye creams have the potential to help with:

  • Puffiness
  • Under eye circles
  • Eye bags

The effectiveness of treatment will depend on each individual. Studies of certain skin creams have shown that vitamin C, peptides and retinol have boosted collagen production.


How do I prevent dark eye circles, eye bags and wrinkles from forming?

As a result of the skin underneath the eye is so thin and sensitive, it often shows problems when there is something going on in the body. It is important to sleep enough, stay hydrated, have down time and keep up with your overall help. Poor hydration and nutrition, bad sleeping habits and stress are easy way to get dark circles to form under the eye.

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