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African American Curly Hair UGraft FUE Using 1400 grafts: Follicular Unit Extraction better known as FUE Hair Transplant is a knife-free hair harvesting method of hair transplantation surgery. In this process individual natural hair groupings called follicular units are targeted and extracted.

Basic FUE procedures currently utilize round tipped rotary punches to score grafts around the hair follicle. This approach is only reliable when it comes to extracting straight or slightly wavy hairs. The majority of patients who possess tightly curled or Afro-textured hair are often told they are not good candidates for basic FUE. This is why Dr. Umar performs Advanced FUE transplantation using his patented Dr.UGraft system. With this revolutionary device, even the most tightly curled hair can be transplanted reliably with minimal transection. In this post, a patient’s case is examined in which Dr. Umar performed an African American Curly hair Dr.UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts.

Dr.UPunch Curl, Best Tool For FUE Hair Transplant for Black Men In Los Angeles

This patient of African-American descent experienced scarring hair loss due to a condition that originated during childhood. The hair loss manifested in the …

Universally There Are Two Types of FUE Procedures:

Basic Follicular Unit Extraction only allows the back and sides of the head to be used as donor hair. Only relatively straight hair is used reliably for basic FUE transplantation. It’s not good for body hair extractions and patients with tighter hair curls.

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction makes it possible for more difficult areas like the nape, peri-auricular areas, facial hair, and all body hair to be used in addition to the back and sides of the head.

Dr. Umar uses his Dr.UGraft system for advanced FUE procedures which allows for a wider area of the head to be used for harvesting. You can learn more about the advantages of the Dr.UGraft FUE here

Using regular FUE hair transplants procedures in African American patients proves to be difficult because of the following factors:

  • Tightness of the curl of the hair
  • Skin thickness
  • Hair follicle connective tissue sheath to outer root sheath connection

Dr. Umar’s solution: UPunch Curl Addition to the UGraft System. 

Dr. U has overcome most of the negative factors that limit results for the regular FUE procedures by using the Dr.UGraft system for FUE hair transplantations. His revolutionary device the Dr.UPunch Curl does not involve any rotary motion, instead, a plunging action is used. With this device more precision is possible and better quality grafts are harvested. An image of the device in action can be seen below.

African American Curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts

Dr Umar’s UPunch Curl


Dr. U’s invention of the Dr.UPunch Curl is a culmination of specialized research and years of experience in the field of hair transplantation. It is the first invention that is specifically designed for tightly curled Afro-textured hair FUE.

African American Curly Hair Dr.UGraft FUE Using 1400 Grafts : Before The Surgery. 

In the image below a patient is shown with unsuccessful outcomes after he went to a different African American FUE clinic. The rotary punches used in this conventional FUE transplantation caused a very high transection.

African American Curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts

Unsuccessful results from previous procedures at a different clinic.*

In this particular case, the patient had a history of childhood cicatricial alopecia. This scarring condition caused the hair loss seen in the image.

A typical FUE procedure implements round tipped rotary punches which are not an optimal technique for tightly curled hair. Implementing the normal FUE approach for an African American hair transplant can have a limiting impact on factors like:

  1. Growth rate or yield
  2. Versatility in the type of hairs that can be extracted
  3. Wound healing

This is why Dr. U created the UPunch curl in addition with the UGraft system that has worked successfully in all Afro-textured hair transplants. This microscopic procedure is very successful because the incisions are highly targeted and extractions are done with a specialized plunging motion. Hair growth is stronger and thicker after a transplant using UPunch Curl. In the example below, you can explore the results of Dr. Umar’s recent African American Curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts.

African American Curly Hair UGraft FUE Using 1400 Grafts – The Surgery

After an initial consultation and a review of this patients medical history, Dr. U performed a UGraft FUE surgery. The patient in the images was not suffering from male pattern baldness therefor Dr. U was able to realize that conventional rotary punches would not work. As a result, Dr. U was inclined to use his patented Dr.UPunch Curl™ that allowed for the  extraction of tightly curled Afro-textured hair. Below is an image captured during this innovative procedure of an African American curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts.

DrUPunch extraction of African American Curly Hair

African American Curly hair UGraft FUE Using 1400 grafts

The image above shows how the FUE surgery is done with the highest precision possible even though the hair is tightly curled. The UPucnch Curl is specifically designed for treatment which cannot be performed using basic FUE.

African American Curly Hair UGraft FUE Using 1400 Grafts – The Results

Below is an image of the patients hairline after he underwent an African American curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts. A year later, the patient’s hairline is thicker and his bald spot is now unnoticeable.

African American Curly hair UGraft FUE before and after

Before and after UGraft FUE treatment with Dr. U*


This minimally invasive technique leaves tiny wounds that are cosmetically insignificant. Unlike with the strip surgery method which leaves noticeable scars.The incisions made with the UPunch Curl are so small that all signs of the procedure are nonexistent within a year.

During the patients FUE procedure, Dr. U successfully extracted 1400 grafts using the UPunch Curl. The harvested hair grafts were applied to the scarred areas in order to facilitate a full head of hair. The patient ended up very happy and excited about his new stronger hairline.

With UGraft FUE even the tightest Afro-textured hair can be treated efficiently and consistently. 

Highly satisfactory results within a year of surgery! 

The implanted hair shafts will go through a phase of shedding until about the eighth week after surgery. Typically, your Dr.UGraft FUE hair transplant will begin to manifest new hair growth by 3.5 to four months, maxing out at 12 months

In this case, cicatricial alopecia was the primary cause for the patient’s hair loss. He suffered from chronic scarring on the front, top and back of his skull. This ongoing biological condition made normal hair growth impossible. But after the Dr.UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts, his hairline has recovered nicely.

Just like with the front bald spot, the back of the head has accepted the grafted hair with perfect results. In the image below you can see the patients full head of hair a year after Dr. Umar performed the surgery.

African American Curly hair FUE before and after

Before and after UGraft FUE Using 1400 grafts in Los Angeles*


Notice that unlike with the strip surgery method or the rotary punches, an African American curly hair UGraft FUE using 1400 grafts resulted in a much more natural look. For black men and women with tightly curled hair, the Dr.UPunch Curl along with the UGraft system has been successful in 100% of FUE transplantations.

African American Curly hair UGraft FUE Using 1400 grafts – Result in VIDEO

A year after the procedure this patient shows no signs of a hair transplant surgery, leaving him with a thick hair line and full head of hair. The video below includes more information on this specific case and his treatment process.

African American patient underwent previous hair transplantation procedures at another clinic that left him still bald with a scant hairline, and unnatural appearance. Using his newly invented DrUPunch Curl, the only universally effective tool for performing Afro-textured black men hair FUE and black women hair FUE, Dr U successfully restored the patient’s hair.

Dr. U is an experienced FUE surgeon with a verifiable portfolio of patient results. If you are interested in a free consultation regarding your hair loss problems, please request a meeting with Dr. Umar by clicking here


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