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Although AKN is a common condition, there are several different types, and all of these require a different removal and treatment process. Dr. Umar makes sure that each treatment is catered to and special to your specific needs. And often times the best plan of action is when multiple treatments are blended together; such as surgical excision, laser treatment, and even topical medications as well as local injections. Because of this, the cost and pricing varies from patient to patient.


There are two ways you can consult with Dr. Umar before beginning your AKN treatment process: in-office or through a free online form. During this consultation, you will review in detail with Dr. Umar your treatment options, along with their costs, in order to meet your desired needs.

If you choose to fill out our free online consultation it will be reviewed by Dr. Umar himself. You also have the option of coming to the clinic for a one on one in-person consultation. There is a small fee applied to your consultation, this will, however, go towards the overall payment of your future treatment and procedure.


If you’re interested in receiving a discounted price on your AKN treatment, there are two ways that you can do this:

  • Placement in our standby list: If we have any cancellations you will be called to fill the spot.
  • Granting Dr. U Skin Clinic rights to your photographs and videos: We can use your special AKN case on our website and in publications. There are two discount options that go along with this option, the discount increases with each one.
    • Option 1: You grant us rights to photos and videos with voice, however, the face is blurred.
    • Option 2: You grant us rights to everything. (The images and videos can be used on our websites, publications, etc. It will be available to the public.)

If you are interested in these options or want to know of any other discount opportunities, please fill out this form or call our office at 1800-499-DRUCLINIC.


Dr. U’s office will accept all major credit cards in addition to wire transfers and cashier’s checks.

As mentioned earlier, the more steps in the process of treating your AKN, the more the cost will be. If you are interested in financing your treatment, Dr. U Skin Clinic works exclusively with the company MLEND FINANCE. This company works to create a financing plan for our patients and offer interest-free payments for up to one year. If interested in taking out a loan with MLEND FINANCE, you can find their application here:

*Note: All current prices are subject to change without prior notice. Please inquire about pricing during your consultation with Dr. Umar.


Patients Who’ve Received a Discounted AKN Service:

Video: Dr U AKN Removal Surgery Scar Revision Result Patient Testifies

Author name: Dr. Sanusi Umar MD Author Bio: Dr. Sanusi Umar MD is the author of this article. The patient presented in this Dr. U result gallery has the typical profile for those affected by Acne Keloidalis Nuchae also called AKN. As a young African male with tightly curled coarse hair, he fits the typical demographic for AKN.