Last Updated on July 18, 2020 by Dr Sanusi Umar MD


You’d like to believe that all couples who workout together stay together. But skip your better half’s Valentine’s Day gift once and they’ll forget all about that one time on the tandem bicycle. That’s because a relationship is nothing without its traditions. Call it a useless Hallmark holiday all you want, but Valentine’s Day remains an important custom for a simple reason: love feels good. And there’s no better way to show them love than with a gift that’s both practical and generous. Enter EMSCULPT, the world’s only procedure to help both women and men build muscle and sculpt their bodies. We’re recommending it to the fittest couples out there this year for the following five reasons:

couples who workout together

1. You’re already doing half the work.

If you’re sweating, she’s probably by your side. And the results are definitely showing. But is the mindset you share with your mister or missus as perfectionistic as it is fit-conscious? Chances are if it is, there’s still more room for you and your sweetie to improve. EMSCULPT works its best magic when a patient is closest to their ideal weight. So, when your honey is already looking healthy, the gift of EMSCULPT could be just enough to ramp them up to trophy spouse status fast. EMSCULPT will only work for adults who are dedicated to an active and healthy lifestyle but still wish for the additional definition of the abs, lifting of the buttocks as well as building and toning calf and arm muscles. The procedure is ideal for people who are unable to achieve a six-pack, toned arms and legs or a perky behind with their usual workouts. 

2. It only takes 30 minutes.

Couples like you guys are always on-the-go, so you’ll be pleased to find out that one session of EMSCULPT only takes a half-hour. That means it’ll wedge between your workouts, meal prep seshes and meetings-that-should’ve-been-emails just fine. 

couples who workout together

3. You’re both overachievers.

You knew the second you met them that your power couple dreams would be realized, and they have been in every way—especially when it comes to the gym. So you know that if they heard there was a way they could complete 20,000 crunches in 30 minutes, they’d demand to know how. EMSCULPT’s HIFEM® (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Energy) technology triggers “supramaximal” muscle contraction. It implements a variety of patterns of muscle contractions throughout the treatment. You can compare one EMSCULPT treatment to doing about 20,000 sit-ups or squats. As the muscles contract, new muscle mass increases tone and muscle definition build. Lipolysis, or destruction of fat cells, also enhances fat metabolism.

4. The results last.

Chocolates rot. Flowers wilt. EMSCULPT lasts. On average, patients see a 16% increase in muscle mass after EMSCULPT treatments and the results can extend for six months or more. These results will last longer the more active the patient’s lifestyle is. There are some patients who undergo EMSCULPT and decide to maintain their results with regular exercise. In contrast, other patients plan to maintain their results with regular returns to the doctor for more treatment.

Make it a Valentine’s Day to remember! Book an EMSCULPT appointment for your sweetie now.